Speical trains

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Speical trains

Post  Clive on Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:15 am

The photo the above link goes to shows what looks like a passenger train, with a brake van behind the loco. The headcode helps explain what the train could be, 8Z87. A class 8 train before 1969 was an unfitted through freight, Z is normally an inter-regional special, sometimes it was an inter-district special, and 87 would be the train number. The stock on inspection looks like SR coaches, could be EMU trailer coaches from PAN, PUL, COR, RES etc sets on their last journey to the scrap yard. I say EMU trailers as these would have been air braked not vacuum like hauled stock and therefore ran as an unfitted train. The brake van behind the loco was quite common on freights between the SR and LMR or ER where a reversal would take place.

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